Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Mosaic Monday/ Check out My Article!

Hey guys! Pick up the latest issue of Cloth Paper Scissors Magazine and check out my article on Mixed Media Mosaics. You can pick up a copy on-line and also Barnes & Noble carries it. I am very excited to have been included in this terrific publication. I have always been an art magazine addict and to actually have been asked to write an article in one of my favorites  is really a bit of a thrill.

In this article I basically have written a step by step tutorial on how to create a mosaic using my collage technique. I found it a terrific challenge to write the article because a lot of what we do as artists is very intuitive and so to break it all down into steps was sort of like writing down how to tie your shoes. Barbara Delaney is a great editor  and she polished up a few rough spots and let me know where more information was needed for clarity. All of the people at Cloth Paper Scissors were great to work with and very nice and professional.  Please support them by visiting their site and consider a subscription.

Two projects were shown in the tutorial "Professor Bot" shown above and Robot #4 shown below.

If you look for a copy be sure and grab the current issue with the cool Steam Punk Dolls on the cover by Paula Nerhus.


Digital Inks said...

you've done really excellent job! thanks a lot for sharing!! :)

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