Wednesday, March 27, 2013

My Artist Pals

My Artist Pals at Pinterest
 My Artist Pals:
The other day I started a board on Pinterest to start adding my artist friends to. In the old days we all made good use of blog rolls, and links on our websites to our pals. Cross linking helps your friends rank well in the engines, however these days I think that very few people actually click around a new site they discover in hopes of finding cool links to other fun sites. They do however use the heck out of Pinterest.  Please check out my friends and if you like their work then click through to their sites.

Living the Creative Life:
I am very proud to know a lot of really talented people, both on-line and off. In the last five years or so my husband and I have been very focused on expanding our creative communities here in Dallas. I think often my family tends to define us as the odd "Aunt and Uncle" without any children. I suppose having not created any humans does set us apart from our siblings however we are very focused every day of our lives on creativity and on creating, we just skipped the whole part about creating kids. Art fills us up and we never regret our choices.

My Best Artist Pal:
My very best artist pal is indeed my husband Dan Collins. He has a painting and printing background but  he is really a Poet. He has been watching the mail this last month for a package from a publisher ... it came this week! He has been included in a terrific chapbook by Naugatuck River Review. You can purchase a copy for only $10 on-line at their site. 
There are some really terrific poems in the book and the cover is very lovely.


f said...

What a grand idea, having a Pinterest page devoted to like-minded people! I still use the blogroll, since that's how I find all my people. You're a genius. :) And yes, the book cover is lovely.

Christine Brallier said...

Thanks for including me on Pinterest! Glad we're pals. :) And congrats to Dan on his book!

Rebecca Collins said...

Hey Christine ....happy to include you in my circle of favorite artist pals. I too am glad we are pals.