Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Pet Portraits From Snapshots

Before & After
© rebecca collins / artpaw.com
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Working from ordinary snapshots is fun and yet challenging. Sometimes clients send in photos that tell a great story and yet they may be rather lacking in detail, or low in resolution. One recent client sent me several shots of his German Short hair Pointer, all of them full body action shots. He indicated he could send more pics if needed. Instead of asking for images with greater detail I chose to work with one of the images he sent because I sensed that he wanted me to paint his pup in action. I really loved the ears flying in the wind, and while I had to paint in some eye highlights to indicate that they were even there, I feel the overall story with this project is more important than a classic head & shoulder formal portrait where every whisker shows.

© rebecca collins / artpaw.com
Original snapshot


Flea said...

Oooo. I like it.

Vyvyan said...

I love them!