Thursday, June 22, 2006

Portrait Swap

This is the month I am finally going to start on Kathy Weller's Pugs. Kathy is a talented portrait artist that I have been networking with for several months and we agreed to do a portrait swap. Of course life being what it is, we have both been placing the idea on the back burner as other orders and a million little assorted projects dominate our attentions. I am going to start with her Pug Daisy and see how it goes. That is Daisy below. I sort of like that yellow food bowl .... hmmm maybe we shall include it. I am looking forward to this fun project-swap and can't wait till she starts on my Pixel in July.


Kathy Weller said...

Hi Rebecca!!
Let's go for it - - I am looking forward to doing Pixel!
My email is down right now for some reason, but I'll be in touch soon. We should discuss Pixel's theme!
Take care,

Marsha said...

I have a pug named Daisy too! But she is quite round as this one. She is 9 yrs old and has a lot of play left in her when her back isn't hurting.