Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Recent Cat Portraits ... a Frenzy of Felines

From the looks of our homepage it would seem that we have a lot of a new cat clients. The reality however is that I just finished working on an order for one client with a large pride of kitties. She also owns Tilly, and we talked about Tilly a couple of weeks ago. A lot of our clients like to try and save money by placing a several pets in one single painting and that works out great in many cases. They do miss out however on the design impact of getting to group and hang a large assortment of single canvases on one wall. I do hope this multi-pet client will e-mail me photos of her art hanging in her home. I am very excited about this project that included: Junior, Cinnamon Tiger, Sweetie, Brigid, PeeWee, and Tilly.

These portraits are 24 x 24 and will look really great either grouped together or sprinkled throughout the home. This client has funky post modern furniture so I am really excited at the thought of my work hanging in her environment. Hmmm, maybe I should hand-deliver on this one. She says her human kids are the next Art Paw subjects on her list.

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