Sunday, August 27, 2006

Photo Hosting Sites

There are tons of terrific photo hosting sites on the web. I recently tried out and Flickr. I really liked both sites. Photobucket offers groovy tools for those of us that are blogging, or playing around with on-line posting communities. In a short 10 minute time span I was able to upload photos of Big Tommy playing with his ball and then turn that into a slideshow with easy copy & paste code for this blog. Of course I have Dreamweaver and Flash and so I probably could have done the same thing with good old fashion design software tools, but it would have taken me a lot longer.

Flickr is all about community and photo tags. Their search engine tag system allows people to search and find any photo subject you can imagine. Check out my own personal photos at Flickr. At Flickr you can also join photo groups with your common interest. I joined the Scottish Terrier group of course.

A couple of other popular photo host sites that I have not tried include:

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SpillToJill said...

I love flickr! I am on it and so is my kitties and border collie:)