Sunday, August 06, 2006

Sofa Art

When I was a young artist
in my 20's working towards my degree I was in a wonderful world surrounded by really talented artists and amazing instructors. It was a serious world though where we were all striving to be something special and we hungered to create something oh so profound and new. At that time and place the popular attitude was that great art does not match the sofa, and probably should not even be hung anywhere near the sofa. To quote Bob Dylan "I'm younger than that now".

As a commercial artist and as someone that has woven art throughout my home and heart I realize that the snotty elitists that make up rules about what "good" art is just don't get it. Good art is something that makes you feel, and if a print of your pooch that matches your sofa makes you feel good then that is good art. And hey, if you decide to purchase a pink suede sofa to match your dog art, well that is just good design, which some might debate is even more uncommon than good art.

So what is with this interior Pink Pug image you may ask? Well I don't often get to see my finished work in their actual environments since we ship all over the globe. A couple of months ago I started playing around with some stock interior design shots, placing my art in different rooms. The result of that is 4 new pages on the site of design ideas and decorating with dog art tips ( and cat art). So check out Art Paw's new Design Showcase to get ideas for your next portrait, after all one portrait is just not enough since you have so many walls in your home. Keep in mind that our designer rooms are design comps and not necessarily client homes.

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Kathy Weller said...

Can I have a room like that?!?!??? Orange and Pink - oooohhhhh love it!!!!!