Thursday, February 28, 2008

Frenchie movie, portraits, and a story

Ok so we have been fooling around with i-movie and we created a short little movie clip slide show. I e-mailed the movie link to everyone that had a pup in the clip and I got this amazing story from Bogey's Dad. Bogey is the first fawn Frenchie in the clip. Here is the story first and then I will post the clip below.
From Bogey's Dad:
"I have an interesting story to tell you about that painting. My house burned down on December 14th. My coffee maker caught on fire and Bogey was in the house. I drove up on the fire and opened the garage, which by that time was filled with smoke. I ran in and saved Bogey and ran back out. We lost the top two floors of my town home. The painting was actually sitting on the bar in the kitchen, about 8 feet from the source of the fire. When the fire department put out the fire they let me go in the building to look around. One of the first things I noticed was that the picture, which was wrapped up for Christmas, had not been consumed. I had wrapped it the day before in foil wrapping paper from the Container Store. We think this is what saved it. However, it truly defies explanation when you realize that everything else was melted or literally consumed by the fire. Everything around it was either ashes or unrecognizable. I took it outside and unwrapped it and it was completely unharmed. If you can believe it, the painting did not even smell like smoke! We think it was our little miracle and a powerful symbol of hope. Bogey is doing great and our picture now hangs in the living room of our corporate apartment. We already are designing our color scheme for our rebuilt town home around it.
How about that!".


Melissa & Emmitt said...

Hi Rebecca!
That is an amazing story! I cannot beieve it did not even smell like smoke. i think there was something more going on than the foil wrap protecting it.
it is a miracle painting. how wonderful!
:) melissa

Moira said...

Incredible story! You just need two more miracles and you could be a saint.

Love your new video too. Have a great weekend.

Rebecca said...

Thanks for the comment Melissa. Moira ... lol ... you are too funny. Thanks for stopping by.