Monday, April 28, 2008

On my Digital Easel

"Shug" ( see more proofs )

"Lyla" ( see more proofs)
Today we proofed a couple of new clients and updated a couple of folks as well. I also sent out one working sketch, and we started on a new Bulldog named "Stumpy-Joe". My goal each and every day is to try to work on at least 5 portrait projects. Yay! We succeeded at that today. Allison was here all afternoon and she was a huge help.

Walter & Maia (update)

"Sadie" (update)


Holly Loves Art said...

Oh Wow! I love your doggy art. I found you through Linda (Abby Creek) What gorgeous colors and such debth... so lovely! The vintage cars and dogs below are awesome too. Thank for sharing!

Los Angeles, CA

Abby Creek Art said...

All four are just gorgeous, Rebecca. I especially like "Sadie"...I just wanna hug that dog!

Rebecca said...

Hi Holly and welcome to my blog! Your own blog is quite fun!
Hey Miss Linda. Thanks for the praise on Sadie! We went around a few times with that cute little Schnauzer, but we finally have a winner, and she will be printed today.

Melissa & Emmitt said...

Hi Rebecca!

These are all wonderful! i do not know how people choose!

:) melissa

Rebecca said...

Hi Melissa-
Thanks so much!
Ha ha, sometimes they don't choose and instead they just send us back to the drawing board for even more color combinations. That is always fun... yet very time consuming. Revisions always add significant time to our projects, even when the fix may seem quite simple. If the client is willing to wait we never mind making minor color changes.