Monday, June 23, 2008

Many New Pet Portraits This Week

Photos lacking in detail ... not a problem at Art Paw!
( Original pet photo above)
( digitally painted & altered version above)
Compare the two images above to see how all important the eyes are. If an image is lacking in detail or possibly a bit low in resolution I find that my first goal is to make the eyes sharp and to give them contrast and sparkle. If you can make the eyes work well then the rest of the portrait will follow. If a client supplies a photograph with little more than black hollows for eyes, I will do my best to paint in and dress up what I have to work with. Since the eyes are really the windows to the soul it is always best to start with a great high resolution photograph that shows off the eyes very well.
We have added a handful of new works to the site this last week, and have around 6 more to proof this week so check the art dog blog daily for new artwork.


Moira said...

Super job. Your painting is wonderful!

Melissa & Emmitt said...

hi rebecca!
you never cease to amaze me. you are so talented!

Tatyana said...

You are absolutely right about that. Its something I have discovered with my shell portraits as well. Usually when I'm in the middle of painting a piece I'll hate how it looks, it'll look flat and horrible and i'll be about to give up (I swear I go through that "i hate it" stage with every portrait). And then I'll add just a bit of a twinkle to the eyes and in an instant that portrait comes alive, even if its unfinished...

Jamie Cowbelly said...

Ok, only a really really good pet portrait artist can accomplish this. I challenge anyone who says what you do is easy to replicate this. ;-)