Saturday, June 14, 2008

What have you learned from your dogs?

My dogs teach me a lot. Each is so different from the other and so of course they have their own unique lessons to share. Here is a list of 5 things I have learned from each of my Scotts.

5 things I have learned from Big Tommy

#1 If you love something throw it under the dresser, or absence makes the heart grow fonder. Tom has a bad habit of playing against our bedroom dresser and losing his ball. When this happens he whines until we retrieve it for him.

#2 Celebrate your joy in song. Tom sings in a high pitch when you lightly rub his ears.

#3 Be a kind leader. He is a gentle sweet Alpha.

#4 Sundays were made for the lake.

#5 Play all out, then play some more. Tommy is our most athletic dog and our healthiest.

5 things I have learned from Ajax

#1 Anytime can be snuggle-time.

#2 Even the lowest man on the totem pole can be a brave warrior and fierce hunter. Ajax has caught more than a couple of squirrels in his 4 years.

#3 Laugh often! Our little boy throws his head back open mouthed and giggles when you start laughing and rubbing his chest & belly.

#4 Avoid processed foods. Our allergy prone boy eats only the best holistic diet that includes cooked chicken & rice and high-end organic kibble.

#5 Expand you pack. Ajax enjoys having lots of friends, both canine & human.

5 things I have learned from Pixel

#1 Be brave in this scary scary world.

#2 When in doubt, bark first ... ask questions later.

#3 Always run with your pack, there is safety in numbers.

#4 Walk softly & chew on sticks.

#5 Sometimes the sweetest love is the hardest to win.

Leave me a comment and tell me what your dog has taught you ... be sure and include their name.

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Mia 'thousandhound' said...

I love it Rebecca. So, so true.