Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Video Video Video

Octopus Mosaic
Originally uploaded by artpaw
Seems like everyone is focused on video these days. Tonight I experimented with my web cam to show off a new Mosaic I have been working on. I uploaded to Flickr because I hoped my Flickr pals would be kind when and if they comment. This short 90 second clip is very rough, but if I waited until I looked great and sounded great .... well I would never post anything.

The other video I want to share is from Moira over at Dog Art Today. She has created a fantastic dog art video and she included our artwork of Bella. Thanks Moira and good job. If you double-click through to youtube then please leave her a kind comment, she is trying to get this baby to go viral, and I think she has good shot at that.

Oh and I want to share a quick link from copyblogger about video and marketing:
Check out Gary Vaynerchuk


Moira said...

Thanks, Rebecca! Love seeing you on video with your art. Very cool to get to know virtual friends better. And mosaic is wonderful!

Melissa & Emmitt said...

Hi Rebecca!
I love your new octopus mosaic! The movie is great! It is so fun to see you! The colors, textures and details are wonderful! So fun, rich and interesting. I love the 3-d treasures and words in the background. Just amazing and inspiring!
:) Melissa

Jamie Pflughoeft said...

Oh I really really hope that one day I can have a Rebecca Landsdown/Collins original mosaic! I'm saving my nickels to commission you. (I'm not kidding!) This one is fantastic as always. Whoever thought an octopus could be so cute. :-)