Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Cool Dog Name ... Gizmo

(See all 6 proofs)

I love the name Gizmo for a dog. We have done maybe 2 or 3 Gizmos over the last 10 years ... not a very common name. This cute pup's artwork will be stretched today along with BeeBee & Moxie. We have seen a lot of interesting dog names here at Art Paw this past month.

According to an article by Mary Hanna "In the world of dog-naming, human names continue to dominate, according to a company that sells engraved dog tags. The top five male names are Max, Jake, Buddy, Bear and Bailey. For females, dog owners prefer Maggie, Bear (the gender-neutral name of the dog world), Molly, Shadow and Lady".


Manon Doyle said...

Gizmo is a great name!! Our last two dogs had human names and our Bernese was PowWow!
Gizmo's portrait is awesome!!

Abby Creek Art said...

Oh poo...now I don't think I'll be the first OR the last!

So...have to tell you that I think Betty the Boston Terrier is one of my favorites of yours. Perfect name for a girlie Boston too.:)

Rebecca said...

Thanks Linda!

Tatyana said...

In fact this might be very regional. I work in a grooming shop and I swear, every other Shih Tzu is named Gizmo. Its extremely common around here. It is a very cute name... although I guess I hear it so much it lost its uniqueness (almost like every other shepherd that comes to our shop is named Max ;)

Rebecca said...

Yep Tatyana, I bet you do see it all.

Anonymous said...

My dog's name is Gizmo and he is the best he is so adorable. I love this piece of work it fantastic.

Anonymous said...
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