Monday, July 14, 2008

Pink Poodles, Hound Dog and a Terrier

We are traveling today. I miss my Scotties so much, but we are fortunate to have one of my best pals house sitting for us. Today we visited Graceland in Memphis. I am posting a few photos from our visit, starting with groovy retro pink poodle wallpaper found in Elvis' down stairs bathroom. Other pooch related stuff would be a vinyl poodle handbag, his gold record for "Hound Dog" and of course it was sporting a terrier as the RCA logo.

No matter where you go in this world you can find doggy related visual stuff if you just look for it. Try it yourself today when you get in the car and go to the grocery store, post office, or other errands. How many ads, printed phrases, etc can you find that relate to dogs? You will be surprised.


Lindsay said...

It's so much easier to be away from my dog when I know he is in safe hands, like with my family. I had a hard time leaving him at a kennel, but because I didn't know the people.

Kathy Weller said...

Awesome!! Awesome!! Graceland is such a trip!!! We went to Memphis about 5 years ago for Memphis in May and 'did' Memphis for a few days. So much social, music and cultural history. Wow. Such an important place!!

I hope you are totally enjoying your trip!!