Friday, January 02, 2009

Smushie Faced Doggies

"Dixie, Buster, Molly"
I adore Boston Terriers, Bulldogs and Pugs. Any Smushie faced dog just melts my heart. Happy Friday everyone. I hope most of you guys are still on holiday break. I have sort of gotten back to work this week, although I am not really sure a few 7 hour days can really qualify as being back at it. Next week I plan to get back to work at 100% steam and try to clear my plate before the end of the month.


Anne Good said...

Great pieces Rebecca. If you ever do anything with chihuahuas, let me know.

Manon Doyle said...

I agree with you about these dogs!! No matter how Otis tries to make me mad I look at his little pushed in face and I want to kiss him!
Wonderful portraits!

Paula said...

I love your background..want to share your process? They are so layered and interesting and really add to the portraits without detracting from the dogs.

Rebecca said...

Hi Anne- I have actually done quite a few Chihuahuas over the years. I will try to add some to the blog this month.
Hi Manon-thanks for stopping by and thanks for the praise.

Paula, thanks for the praise on the backgrounds. I create them in photoshop often combining several grounds at different opacities to achieve brand new effects. I use the paint tool, smudge tool, and filters to create them. Sometimes I find existing patterns from clip art books but they all have to be smudged up and played around with for hours so they do not look like common clip art.