Tuesday, January 06, 2009

A People Person

Today I had a quick New Years brainstorming session with a photographer pal of mine. You may recall the post last September where I shared pics of me by Kris Hundt. Kris is a very talented photographer that loves people as much as I love animals. She is a sweet gal that can come across as humble and modest until you get her excited about talking about her work, and like so many professional women over the age of 35, she knows her stuff and she knows she knows. She has a unique ability to relax her subjects and really capture the personality of the people she shoots. She has started a new blog called 52portraits.
Her goal in her own words: "Each week the person will change and probably so will the landscape but the goal is to see the same landscape with new eyes, to sharpen my skills and truly see." Check out her new blog and leave her a comment.

She has me wondering if I may need to do a non-commissioned dog painting each week, something just for me, with no end client in mind. Of course then there is the goal to get back to doing my weekly dog vlogs and interviewing other artists. There are so many things I want to do in 09. When I meet up with other creatives like Kris my list of personal creative project ideas just seems to double.

If you are an artist reading this, I challenge you to make some time this week to pick up the phone and connect with your local artist pals that have this effect on you. Make time to network with other artists and share you hopes & goals for 09.


Manon Doyle said...

Great post Rebecca! I'll check out Kris's blog!!

Tamandra said...

Great post. And cool portraits from Kris. I'll have to take some time and really look. I can really relate to connecting with other artists right now. I'm excited to be moving to a much more artist friendly community in my city, and looking forward to making new connections.
And I agree with you. Do stuff for yourself, too!

Sue Steiner said...

Love the portraits and love your dog art! As a people person and an animal person I was in for a double treat today.

I agree about seeking out and supporting fellow artists. I've been fortunate this past year to connect with a great active art community and it is just a good thing to do all the way around!

Rebecca said...

Hey Manon, Tamandra & Sue. Thanks for stopping by and commenting.