Monday, June 28, 2010

Mosaic Monday/ Robot Dog

"Bingo was his name-o" 
Work in progress © rebecca collins

This is the project I have been working on over the weekend.  There are tons of digital collage layers on this. I have 2 sheets of sheet glass under this top mosaic layer that have paint and paper collage elements.  The story is simple, a robot is walking his robot dog, while the dog dreams of being free riding on a rocket ( see collage element at top). The dog is a bit frumpy and I cut his little rubber wheel to give it a used and worn look. I also enjoyed making the walker's posture look as though he is being pulled by the robot dog.  I am hoping that the multiple layers will add depth and not get lost once I grout.  The yellow moon surface at bottom had a lot more detail before I started cutting and gluing the final layer. I chose to frost some of that glass though with acid etch cream. I was hoping that if it was mat the main characters would pop out more and they would be more grounded. The overall design is very busy.


Melissa and Emmitt said...

hi rebecca!
oh it is fabulous!
i love the rubber wheel!
you are so creative!

Rebecca Collins said...

Thanks so much:)
I am happy with this so far. I really love these silly characters.

AutumnLeaves said...

This is so cool!! I love it!