Thursday, August 26, 2010

Team Up Thursday Photos

I have gotten back to my Team up Thursday shooting this week. Our theme was "old". Mine is on the left and Kris Hundt's lovely shot is to the right. My shot is of a lamp I was given that belonged to my best friend in college. He died in the early 90's of complications relating to aids. They did not have the best drugs back then. Anyway, the lamp is one of my favorite antiques and we use to call her the "working girl". She looks like a Russian peasant that has been working in the fields.


AutumnLeaves said...

Absolutely adore the lamp, Rebecca. Sad to hear about your loss of your best friend.

I am awed by the color held in that gorgeous rose even in its death throes. Just beautiful and for some reason these two pieces just seem so perfect and so poignant together!

Rebecca Collins said...

Thanks Sherry. yea, I like these two shots together, one of our more successful diptychs. We shoot on a theme and do not see the other person's pic until the day we post, so we never know how they are going to work together. It is a fun group on flickr.