Friday, August 13, 2010

Two Dogs Talk About Death

My husband is a painter, writer and poet. He often will take every day happenings and spin them into prose. His most recent post at Gather is about the time Ajax decided to drag a dead squirrel into the house. Last night he got a little silly, found a black beret and some beat poetry tunes and did a reading.You can see the reading below in the player or click through to Gather for the full text.

"The other day I'm minding my business, chewing on a ball,
when Ajax suddenly leaps up and shoots across the lawn like a rocket! Boom!"  Read more

Poetry by Dan Collins


cbmosaics said...

Hahahahaa! Love it!!

AutumnLeaves said...

Fabulous story, Rebecca!! Made me smile and of course, with the dog house we have around here, made me remember doggy situations of the past. I remember taking Gio on a hunting field day up at his breeders and he was too busy finding an old dead turtle to bother with the birds. And he proceeded to roll all over the stinky thing.