Tuesday, November 23, 2010

3 New Doggy Pet Portraits

"Tinker Bell" ( see all proofs)
© Rebecca Collins / artpaw.com

"Hank & Bentley" ( see all proofs)
© Rebecca Collins / artpaw.com

"Dixie" ( see all proofs)
© Rebecca Collins / artpaw.com
Working hard this week and pushing to get a lot of folks proofed before Thanksgiving. My goal is always to try to touch at least 3 projects per day. That does not always happen, but it is the goal.  People are often amazed that I can create so many portrait projects during the holidays. It is simple math really. If you try to work 12 hour days you can give 3 portraits 4 hours of time each. That is usually enough time per project although I can get bogged down when there are several pets in one portrait. I also try to work almost every day of the week during November & December so that gives me extra time. I do not work full days on the weekends, but I do work some.  I get totally stressed out each year during the Christmas push, but this year I refuse to go crazy. I know I will meet my deadlines. In fact that is my mantra as I get out of bed each morning now. I say out loud " I am meeting my deadlines today". 
I do have help ....
Oh, and I happen to have an amazing assistant that does all the stretching, shipping and even lends a hand on occasion with the digital prep work. Lola helps out with setting up my Warhol projects, she can fix glow eye and she erases the backgrounds on the photos that come in.  I could not make it through the holidays without her help. Dan usually helps out too, but he has not had to do any stretching at all lately.
So Stay Tuned...
If you are waiting on a portrait proof please sit tight and know it will happen soon. We have a few weeks to go so relax and give me some time to work.


Manon Doyle said...

Great pieces, Rebecca!! You go girl!! You will need a much needed break in January!! Happy Thanksgiving!! xo

Rebecca Collins said...

Thanks Manon and Happy Thanksgiving to you too! Last year I took a week off at Christmas, I think I will shoot for that again:))

leazwell said...

Your work is wonderfully animated!