Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Riley The Corgi

"Riley" ( See all proofs)
© rebecca collins / artpaw.com

 I just love Corgis. This project of Riley was a joy to create because the original image was pretty decent in resolution and the pose was adorable. I added some pretty strong strokes to the fur to try to get across the texture and the thickness of the fur.
Working on pet portraits today. Clients that are waiting on proofs ...  please relax ... we have 20 shipping days until Christmas. That means I have 19 working days ... I will meet my deadlines, I promise.   

Today is the last day to order a pet portrait with a guaranteed delivery. The best way to order is on-line so click here to place your order today.  If you miss this deadline what I can do is promise you proofing by 12/24.


Jane Carter said...

Your pictures are just amazing! What lovely artwork!
Our dog would be a good subject, I will have to give this a try with Photoshop, though I know I certainly wont have the results you have.
Some day I think I will send you a photo of our Lilly and have you paint one for us.

Rebecca Collins said...

Thanks Jane, I would love to work on your Lilly some day.