Monday, November 08, 2010

Mosaic Monday/ Tiles For America

Busy work day. Just now getting around to the blog. Posting some pics we took in New York. This is a 9/11 memorial on a chain link fence at the corner of 7th Avenue and 11th street. We did not make it down to ground zero this trip ... this casual street memorial that we stumbled across was very moving. It is very much a "mosaic" even though the tiles were held in place with metal jump rings and plastic ties. Some of the tiles were broken, and the mosaic artist in me wanted to see these tiles cemented in place and grouted, while my less conventional side really appreciated the very raw nature of this display.

These tiles dangled on the fence like jewelry and when the wind blew you could even hear the ceramic tinkling against the metal, whispering their messages of hope.

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