Friday, July 01, 2011

Art Paw QR Code

Technology changes so fast it is crazy to think about keeping up. For the past 6 months or so I have been noticing these funny looking bar codes on stuff everywhere. They are called "QR" codes. Smart phones and other devices with the right applications can read these images and they will take you to a website, or give you a message, phone number or whatever.  Dan created one for Art Paw last night and e-mailed it to me. Of course I don't even use a cell phone so I have no way of reading it, but we tested it with his phone and it worked, he took a picture of it with his iphone and it took us right to my homepage. So now when I print new postcards, not only do I need to put my facebook fan page url on them, I need a spot on the backside for the code below.


TheSlapster said...

So cool to see QR codes making their way into the mainstream like this!

One suggestion: Make a mobile version of the page available for people scanning the code from smartphones. When I get there on my iPhone, it takes some zooming to see the content. Also, the video is missing completely. (A drawback of iPhones not using Flash, I know.)

Clipping Path said...

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risioja said...

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Rebecca Collins said...

Hey Slapster...thanks for the suggestion. I know we do need to do a mobile version of the website. On my long list of to-dos.