Monday, July 18, 2011

Mosaic Monday / My Current Mosaic Work

Above are some finished mosaic pieces and works in progress for an upcoming gallery show in September. I have around 7 pieces done or almost done and around 7 projects still to create.  I am showing with Katrina Doran and Apryl Begay in a show centered around the theme of Milgros. We have a goal of 14 pieces each. We are all on track for reaching that goal.

About the work above:
Top left: " Strength to Strength" A Leg Milgaro for my husband Dan
Next to it to the right: Toy Airplane, it will be covered in millefiori and will call it the Peace Plane
Next row: a finished arm 5x7x2, finished leg 3 x 5, hand mosaic 11 x11, leg mosaic 12x 9x2, arm not started yet 5x 7
Bottom row: small cardinal about my mom, lung milagro, and prepped board for piece called Safe Passage.

We have a group blog created as a communication tool over at Wordpress. If you ever become involved in a group art project or joint show I highly recommend setting up a blog that all the event participants have access to. It is a great way to share works in progress and to keep abreast of what other people on your project or event are up to. I find that seeing what the gals are doing and having the ability to post about what I am doing makes it seem as though we are all working side by side, and we really are. You can learn more about our upcoming show and see the things Apryl and Katrina are working on at

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chicken coops said...

Love your work, you have a great skill!