Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Clementine/ New Doggy Portrait

"Clementine" ( see all proofs)
rebecca collins /

This sweet pup is one of 4 pet portrait projects shipping out today. I really love the days that we ship! Such a  feeling of accomplishment to see all of those corrugated boxes getting loaded into the jeep. Clem was a fun project and I really like the bandana in the original photo. I always enjoy working with doggy clothes or toys in a portrait.

Earlier today I met with a lovely gal from the Sunset Boulevard Animal Clinic in Houston. She is redecorating her husband's clinic and has asked us to set her up with some samples of our artwork throughout the building. Next week we will start printing for this large showcase opportunity. We will also be doing her Saint Bernard and Chihuahua ... very excited about that project too.

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