Monday, June 18, 2012

Mosaic Monday / Robots Oh My!

"Love Bot 49223" ACEO
© rebecca collins
purchase at etsy $65

Just listed 3 robots for sell over at Etsy. In an effort to clear out room for new work to happen I am listing some of my personal mosaic and ceramic work for sell over at Etsy this month. I created a section just for robots and I may even start listing a few robot print works over there later in the month.

Why robots? My best friend and I got into a discussion the other day about my fascination with robots. I know she does not understand why I am compelled to create robot after robot in my free time. I love robots because they can be created in so many different ways. There is not one single recipe or format for robots so they demand originality and thought when you are putting them together. The other reason that I do so many is that they are like no pressure sketches for me. I do not feel the weight that an artist might feel when facing an important serious work such as a portrait for a loved one. My bots only need to please me.... and they do make me smile.

"Irene 16"
© rebecca collins
purchase at etsy $120

"Clown Bot"
© rebecca collins
purchase at etsy $75


Karla said...

Love 'em all, Rebecca!

Rebecca Collins said...


Christine Brallier said...

Love these Rebecca! Hey, did you ever finish the robot walking its dog....? :)

P.S. Below it wants me to enter a code to "prove you're not a robot" hahahaaa

Rebecca Collins said...

LOL. I need to finish the framing on that one. I will do that this year and post. Thanks for stopping by and for the praise:)