Friday, January 10, 2014

Flash Back Friday / A Few Felines

Here at Art Paw we seem to do twice as many pup portrait as cat portraits. I really do adore kitties and I was going  through old photos this week and I have a few felines from my past to share with you guys today.

Me and Bob at White Rock Lake
Bob was a boy friend's cat. I was in my late 20's here.
Me and my First Cat Juno
I was in my early teens here

Sweet Phoebe lived to be 22
Juno liked to jump up high.
Ok ....  so I want to do more Cat Portraits this month!
If you are a cat lover you can use
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A Side Note:  I had this post written yesterday and ready to post. This morning I heard from a past client that manages a Veterinary hospital in North Carolina and they want to display some of my Cat art prints in their feline exam room. That is pretty exciting news and very timely. My partner has been urging me to team up with more clinics this year to display my work. How odd that the universe will provide you with so much synchronicity when you least expect it.

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