Thursday, January 24, 2008

Golden Retriever Art

Bear's Mom ordered her 3rd portrait with us last week. She wanted to try out our Cream of the Crop Promo Special. I am still working on her proofing set, and hope to get her proofed Friday.

The top image is a painterly style Bear with an asymmetrical crop. The bottom image is the same digital painting pushed to some bold extremes. The bottom image is very flat ... the detail has been lost and replaced with more of a graphic illustration, digital art style with text about the Golden retriever breed overlaid in the background, along with a dog toy. I do not know where I am going with this look, just trying hard to push my boundaries and come up with a new style that will be a new direction. I will be experimenting a lot this year and while we will always proof with my proven painterly style and what we know works we will also try to throw in something brand new every now and then.

Bear's humans are wildlife photographers, visit them here:

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