Saturday, January 26, 2008

Vanity The Sharpei

Vanity is a stunning Sharpei we worked on during the holiday season. This old girl's human sent us this terrific shot of Vanity ... admiring Vanity. I thought this shot was just way too clever, and have been meaning to post it all month. Her pet portrait is posted below.

How many of you guys have dogs that are self aware and seem to know when they look good, or maybe they pass by a mirror and get mesmerized with their own image? There is an interesting article over at Wikipedia about the mirror test developed by Gordon Gallup Jr to measure self awareness.


anabellster said...

Lol, that photo IS clever. Beautiful portrait. :)

Moira said...

Beautiful portrait of Vanity and wonderful photo. Should be in Architectural Digest or something.
Darby, my Dachshund, does't get vain when looking in the mirror. He looks worried, like perhaps I brought another Dachshund home that looks exactly like him. It's a sweet sad expression until I take him away from the mirror and show him, it's just him.

P.S. Love the Hollywood print too!

cowbelly said...

This is a stunning portrait Rebecca. Really fantastic work. Love the combo of the blue and red.