Thursday, January 10, 2008

Pet Portrait from Camera Phone

Enhanced image above shows eyes that were created by me, (not software) and some soft painterly texture added for interest.

Click image above to see just how bad the pixelation was!

Zoey the American Bulldog has a big grin and while her winning smile charmed me for sure her human's cell phone pic was quite a challenge. It is uploaded here at the full original size. I worked on this for at least an hour painting in detail, smoothing out pixels, and creating eyes that sparkle. Then I turned her over to Allison so she could spend some time working her Warhol inspired magic on this pop art pet portrait. Cell phone pics are never an ideal choice, but here at Art Paw we do all we can to create detail where there is none and we also try to create a smooth texture to replace jagged pixelation that occurs when we enlarge tiny resolution images. I think Zoey turned out quite fun. I always tell the girls you learn 1o times more working with challenging photos than you do working with perfect images. I'm just lucky that this very pretty girl had that big happy smile working for her, it kept me smiling as I smoothed each and every pixel.


cowbelly said...

You are a brave soul to work from a camera phone picture Rebecca!

Awesome job.

phonepicart said...

Very nice work. You have a very cute dog.

cowbelly said...

Oh boy I spoke too soon. I have a client who wants an art piece designed from a cell phone image, and of course she needs it by Valentines Day. I am anxiously biting my nails. I honestly don't know if I can do it, and didn't think I'd ever need to!

Hmmm, we'll see how it goes, lol....