Friday, January 11, 2008

Pet Portrait Give-Away /Artist Choice

For a Chance to win a free artist choice pet portrait just leave us a kind comment here on this post. Tell me something about your pet or how long you have been following my blog, or just say hi. I will be printing out the comments and putting them in a big hat to draw the winner. I will announce the winner next Friday the 18th, and that person will need to contact us within a week with a 1 mb jpg image of their pet.

I am launching a new monthly promotion called the Artist Choice Promotion. For the next 4 months I will be giving deep discounts on portraits ordered in the artistic style or theme of that month. I am also giving away a free portrait in this style next week, just leave a comment here on this post for a chance to win.

January's Artist Choice Theme: "Cream Of The Crop"
This month I want to do artistic crops. Yep, if only half of your pet's face will suffice or if you are a big fan of dramatic asymmetry then this is the style for you. Why artistic crops? Well throughout the year our clients use our site for ideas and often give us very specific direction such as "make my portrait look like Mr. Big Paws", or "give me the background color like on Nikki". We love this as it makes our work easier and yet we want to break out of the box so to speak and start doing some different things. Few people say, "hey, crop half of my dog's face off" .... yet when they see it ... well, we hope they find that it is kinda cool after all. We are ready to run with scissors and we hope our brave clients will trust & follow us.

Click here for more details on this promotion.


Moira said...

Awesome idea!

Know that I did a lot of research before jumping into the dog art world. And your work and website/business was perhaps the biggest inspiration to me. I saw how you could take your passion and make it your career and I will always be grateful for that. And, I will always aspire to be the kind of artist that is constantly trying new things and pushing themselves creatively -- like you do -- with themes like "Cream of the Crop." Brilliant!

Brooke said...

I was completely overwhelmed with happiness when I first came upon your art. The colors, faces, charm is incredible and I never tire of looking at what you create. Thank you ;)


Kathy Weller said...

What a FABULOUS idea!! All of it. I love the "artistic crop". You really are stretching your wings. I love it!!!!

MEinAR said...

I found your work this summer and have passed your name on to many friends and several forums telling people to view your work. My Laney, an adopted Pug, would be a perfect subject for your style. She was dumped in our area this summer. We looked for her owners and waited a long week of her sitting at the shelter waiting to be claimed. I adopted her when the week was over. She is my baby now. Snuggles her ugly mug to me. Follows me around the house. I swear she would jump in the bath tub with me if I allowed her! She wears a seatbelt and rides in the car with me on weekend errands. I love my sweet doggy.

Kris said...

Rebecca- Such a wonderful idea. You go Girl!!! Thanks for continuing to inspire me.

Melissa & Emmitt said...

Happy New Year Rebecca!
I love your blog and your art. The painting you did for Linda of Abby is just amazing!
Melissa and Emmitt

Jamie said...


I have followed your work....forever! Thanks from us dog lovers for immortalizing our pets in pictures. Keep up the great work and creative ideas.

Mommy Doodles said...

i feel honored to be your inspiration! Love your blog, you are very creative!

Today is my first visit!


patsyraaybuck said...

Jamie passed this on to me and this is wonderful pictures. Thank God for pets and pictures we can remember them from.

Thanks Jamie and Artdogblog!!!

cowbelly said...

What an awesome idea Rebecca! Thanks for holding this fun contest.

I have to say that my very favorite artpaw design is Sugar the pitbull.

Words can't express how much I love this piece:

Also, I totally dig the new close crop!

Often times it is the more abstract art that is more eye-catching and dynamic. I'll bet you'll have lots of folks asking for it.

At least, all of the folks who do ask for it will be the ones with very good taste. ;-)

Kelly said...

You are the cream of the crop! I am so inspired by you. I am going to see if I can find a good photo of Bella.

Abigail Van Gelder said...

You are too kind, we started reading after another Scottie site linked to you. I always enjoy seeing what the team is up you. What you are doing is truly a wonderful thing here.

And a bit Scottie kiss from Pippi (as much as a Scottie will kiss. :)

LisaHusar said...

What a great idea! Your January promotion is a real winner. With two stunning ArtPaw portraits of Bear already, I certainly don't NEED another. BUT, this promo is too good to pass up, so you are going to have the chance to immortalize Mr. Bear once again! Hmmmm, maybe I will use one of his puppy photos this time... I'll definitely be in touch soon!

Anonymous said...

WOW, these are cool! I have a 1 year old Bloodhound. He is awesome. We just went to the stock show parade and I think "Remington" got more attention than the horses!!

Susan113 said...

Found your site through a Kerrville link.

Beautiful work!

My applehead Siamese, Maui, is VERY photogenic and in need of her first portrait.


PawlaWalla said...

Rebecca, I found you this summer and what caught my interest was how you get the eyes just right...its the way our pets look at us that melt our hearts. I say the "eyes" have it!

Anonymous said...

Jamie passed your website onto me, and i am amazed! Your work is absolutely wonderful. What a great job you have to help us idolize our little furry friends!

-Lauren Moore

Anonymous said...

Hi Rebecca,
Beautiful work -- Can't wait to see my piece! Very much looking forward to it.

Cre8Tiva said...

my previous post somehow died in the process...oh this top painting with Chance under it looks so much like my Sir Chancelot (Chance)...the tiny 8 week old puppy i found wandering into a major highway on a 97 degree florida day this fall...nobody ever looked for him...he is the joy of my life...he found me...abby is the most beautiful dog portrait i have ever seen...blessings today, rebecca