Thursday, October 30, 2008


Find your early voting location:

Still on the fence? Not sure which pack you want to run with?
Read about Obama's Economic Policy on his site
Read about McCain's Economic Policy on his site

Compare the two plans by clicking here ( Yes, an Obama slant)

I can not imagine anyone still being undecided, but if you are an undecided, take an hour out of your day and go to each candidate's site. Try to weed through their self promotion "political speak" and see who offers more solutions that you agree with or trust. Do not rely on goofy e-mail forwards that your friends or relatives send you. They are often packed with half truths, scare tactics and misinformation.

If you have already voted ... do what you can to get the vote out!


Kris Hundt said...

You go Girl!!! This is fantastic.

Manon Doyle said...

I'm not undecided...... I'm ready to vote!! My daughter, Alex, is bummed because she's 17. She really wanted her voice to be heard.
Great portrait! Love it!

Moira said...

Love this image! I used it today for my blog. I am so nervous. Is your husband home? What is he saying about the ground game?

cowbelly said...

I LOVE this art piece Rebecca! Just beautiful. :-)