Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Color Inspiration

© 2010 Rebecca Collins / artpaw.com

Artists often walk a thin line between being inspired by their peers and borrowing way too much inspiration from them.  Often times people will not even be aware of their influences. I think the important thing when creating is to have a style and a voice that is uniquely your own. If other people's work influence you in your journey it is all good as long as you are bringing something new to the table that is your own.

I try to be be aware of my influences and this last week I broke out of my normal color options and played around with an existing background on CD the lab puppy, tweaking the colors to come up with a new combo. After I achieved the fun acid green & pink ground above I paused and smiled thinking about the work I had seen the previous week that must have inspired this combo. I am not a "pink" girl and when I see it used in a fresh non-frilly fashion I get very excited.  When pink is combined with unexpected or non traditional colors it often shows up as a brand new hue in my  brain as though I am seeing it for the first time. Check out Linda O'Neill's portrait of Kahla the kitty and you will find the color seeds that got planted in my brain. Thanks for the inspiration Linda, you have an exquisite sense of color!


Abby Creek Art said...

Thanks so much, Becca. I really love the way you used those colors here. I feel the same way you do about pink...so I really try to bump up the saturation to make it come alive.
Pink has punch!

Rebecca Collins said...

Yep, pink can have punch! I like that phrase.

cbmosaics said...

This is absolutely gorgeous. I love the colors, esp how they look with the brown. Beautiful!!