Wednesday, January 20, 2010

My Repeat Clients Inspire Me!

" Romeo, Bella, and Juliet"
© 2010 Rebecca Collins/

My repeat clients inspire me and make me want to do better art, and give the best customer service I possibly can. Five years ago I did a Warhol style portrait of Romeo & Juliet.  We also created artwork of their cow dog Pepper. My client is Steve and if I recall correctly it was a gift for his wife. This last Christmas he contacted me to do a project of Misu for his brother as a holiday gift. He ordered a little past our deadlines but of course since he was a repeat client I did everything I could to deliver on time for Christmas and we made the target date.  I was happy to hear from him earlier this month about doing a new painterly project of Romeo & Juliet along with a new addition ... Miss Bella  ( see artwork above).

Steve is a lot of fun to work with and one of those clients that I feel I know a little bit. He sent me a link to  a site he built for his Father, Darwin Musselman.  It is that site and connection I made with Steve that made me start thinking about my own early art influences ( see yesterday's post).  Darwin Musselman is an extremely talented artist that had more than 50 one man shows in Museums across the country. There is a terrific page on the site called "Thoughts and Memories" where some of his former students have posted sweet memories they have of studying under Mr. Musselman. The site is a well done labor of love. I especially liked the portraits section and seeing a young Stevie, posing for a rainbo bread illustration. Anyway, do check out Darwin Musselman, you will be intrigued by this talented artist that had a hand in defining what has come to be known as the "California Style".

Tomorrow I will share more repeat client projects with artwork of Hank and Turbo. Their human is a fun local client that brought my Scotties  biscuits last week. Now Ajax is trying to talk me into working for doggy treats. I really do have the best clients on the planet.


sinner said...

WOW!!! so adorable! I wish I could have that kind of specialty, coz I am into wedding portraits

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