Thursday, January 28, 2010

Where Do Creative Ideas Come From?

I am never at a loss for ideas. They seem to grow in my brain like weeds that need trimming. I guess some of them are weeds and some of them are flowers. This month I have been focused on the topic of inspiration. I think this year I want to try to tackle a different subject each month on the blog that is related to art and spend a month thinking and writing about it.

So today I am posting my Top 10 list of where I find inspiration ( in no particular order).

#1 Talking with other artists, the exchange of creative energy charges my battery.
#2 Revisiting my old work and old themes or subjects
#3 The Mall, no really, I rarely shop but when I do I can quickly get a feel for what is new and fresh and where the trends are heading. It is easy ... if rich ornate patterns are all the rage for a couple of years then the next big thing will be big bold simple geometrics, and then it will all swing back again. Patterns, colors, and styles change constantly in fashion and interior design.  I do not let the trends dictate what I do, but yes they do influence my work at times.  My clients pay attention to this stuff so I would be a fool not to be aware of what is going on out there.
#4 My husband and his writing.
#5 Packaging design .... I love it!
#6 Art and design magazines. I still love printed magazines, yes I am old.
#7 Old postcards, books, all types of ephemera.
#8 Visiting my artist friend's blogs.
#9 Museums
#10 Really good looking movies.

Ok that is my list. If you are an artist reading this consider posting your own list on your blog then leave a comment so we can discover what inspires you.

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