Thursday, January 07, 2010

We own the earliest Michelangelo Painting!

Ok we own it ... "sort of ". Isn't that just like a Texan to make a wild crazy boast?  I just learned that the Kimbell Art Museum has acquired "The Torment Of Saint Anthony", which is believed to be the first painting by Michelangelo created at the tender age of 12 or 13.  I love how religion gave this young boy an excuse to paint the most wicked cool monsters that one can imagine. Keep in mind these bizarre creatures were painted way before 3-d computer monsters in the movies. The young lad had to pull from his own imagination to create these tormentors and they seem to rival anything Hollywood can dream up. I can not wait to visit this painting next time we are in Fort Worth.

The tempera and oil painting measures 18½ by 13¼ inches, was created in 1487 and is supposed to be in very sweet shape. I am super proud of the Kimbell for scoring such an amazing piece of art history ... and it is cool looking too!


teresa stieben said...

Like animals that were portrayed in old bestiaries some are pretty wicked looking.

Tina Trites said...

I just finished reading all of your blog from 2005 on and I have to say "Thank You" . You give out so much info. The links are fascinating too. I am so glad I found your site through my web searching. I have signed up for your newsletter and I'm looking forward to it. Thanks again, I'll be checking back , Tina

Rebecca Collins said...

Hi Teresa and Hi Tina.
Wow, thanks so much for the praise Tina. It is just the encouragement I need. Going forward into 2010 I have been thinking a lot about writing and content for the blog. Having an art blog it is so easy to get lazy and allow it to become image heavy with very little written word. I really need to get back to writing a bit more from time to time. I am printing out your comment to post above my computer as a reminder that yes, people do read!