Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Arts Magnet High School Senior Show

Last week we had the pleasure of attending Teryn's senior show at the Arts Magnet. Teryn is a talented young artist that works with us on Saturdays. It was really fun being at a High School Art show. I must say that the work seemed to be of a much higher caliber than when I was a senior at The Arts Magnet back in 1980. I was very fortunate to attend the Dallas Arts Magnet way back during it's infancy. The school has come a very long way since then and students now have to undergo a rigorous portfolio admissions process. Dan and I were both very impressed with Teryn's artwork. She has a very sophisticated approach to all the various mediums and her drawing skills are far beyond that of the average high school student. I am posting a shot of her next to a terrific self portrait that she titled "Hey".

For many kids in the average American high school the prom can be just about the biggest night of your life. For an art student your senior show, well .. . it is a pretty big deal. Miss Teryn was working the room like a total gallery pro. She was having a blast with all of her friends while still checking in on her boss from time to time, helping me find all of her pieces and telling me about some of the other work around us. She looked like a pixie in a blue vintage cocktail dress from the 50's. For a quite soft-spoken young lady she seemed very at ease in the limelight. We are very proud of Teryn and we will all miss her when she goes off to college next year.

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