Saturday, November 11, 2006

More Pet Portrait Clients

Ginger and Diane have become great doggy pals over the years and we have done a handful of art pieces for Miss Ginger (boxer). Diane is a total animal lover and recently started a line of jewelry for dogs. We hope to tell you guys a lot more about that just as soon as I can convince her to get her work on-line.
Diane & Ginger
Spike The Chihuahua

Spike is a new pop art client. This very handsome rescue boy dropped by in person with his human to pick up his portrait so we snapped a few quick shots.

And Now for Some faux home-shots

It is great when you can get some really fun "reality shots" from your clients, but artists that are really handy with photoshop should also consider the magic of stock images. Photography stock sites have tons of groovy interior design shots that make for nice presentation backdrops for portrait work. I used the vanishing point tool, drop shadow, blur, and levels in photoshop to blend the portraits below into their fantasy environments. You can see more room ideas by clicking here.

Riley The American Bulldog


GiGi The Pit Bull

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