Tuesday, November 07, 2006

My Scottie Dog Ajax

So yesterady I am minding my own business, walking out of the shipping and stretching studio out back and I see my little Scottie Ajax sitting atop a large planter. This little guy has always been sort of cat-like, perching in unusual spots. I command him to sit & stay while I run in to grab my camera, of course he senses my excitement and promptly follows me inside. So I repositioned him to snap a few shots. As you can see from the original photo he was not all that keen on "pot-sitting" when it was not his own idea. I sketched around a bit with his photo this afternoon and tilted his head so he looks a tad more enthusiastic. Yes that is his bat-bandanna left over from halloween, I finally removed it today during a muddy paw washing. What am I doing playing around with my own photos ... I dunno, I need to get busy on portraits.

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Kathy Weller said...

Hah-that is so cute! Dogs can do the strangest things. I think they are geniuses. I'll tell you one..our late pug Guinness, RIP, used to balance his poo on the top of a basketball in the back yard. this was aregular thing. Similar to Ajax balancing himself on the planter (except he is not poo).