Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Steam engine train trip

Well this is the time of year that I usually stop taking any days off and I try to work straight through until a week before Christmas. Sunday was an exception to that routine. I took a much needed break and went with my Father and my Husband on a train ride through East Texas. The trip took about an hour and a half. It started in Rusk and ended in a little city called Palestine. The steam engine train cut through a forest at a whopping 30 mph. All of the cars were packed and we were hanging with the very young and the very old. It was quite fun to be traveling with both young families with toddlers and senior citizens ( many of whom had train ride memories from long ago). The slow journey was quite relaxing and there was nothing to do but take in the view from our window and enjoy the fall colors. There was no cell phone reception in this big hunk of metal out on the middle of the country-side so even the few teenagers on board had to relax back in their seats and be with their own thoughts for the ride.

Click here to read more about our Historic Texas State Railroad.

It is back to the electronic easel for me this week. I am trying hard to get about 10 new portraits on-line before Thanksgiving. I'll try to post some of my new projects soon.

Dad is to the left and husband to the right

Our Train!

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