Thursday, August 21, 2008

Friday Dog Vlog / My Studio

Today ... A tour of the Art Paw digital studio:

Ok so this last month you guys heard me going on about an on-line class I took on organization. The class was structured in such a way that you really had to do some work, and put some thought into the subject yourself. In other words there was no lesson plan that said "do A,B and C and then boom you will be totally organized".
I learned 3 very important things:
#1 Be kind to yourself and remember, almost everyone feels overwhelmed by paper work at some point.
#2 The key to success is to just stick with a system ... it does not matter what your method is just stick with it.
#3 I am really much more organized than I thought I was.


Sheila Finkelstein said...

This was great, Rebecca!! Alyson (our course leader) is going to love it. And, I can't believe, when we started the course, you said you weren't organized!!! Brilliant statement, you made, "When you have a system that works, stick to it."

Two questions (well 3) -

Who was your videographer? Looks like it would have been challenging to video yourself with all the movement in this one.

What camera/camcorder did you use for this video?

Lastly, Will you show us your printer next week and the printing process?

I love what you are doing here, with the whole blog and now with your Vlogs. You are a true inspiration, my friend!!

With great appreciation,

Inspirational Sheila

Rebecca said...

Wow, thanks! Hubby, Dan did the camera work with our little cannon cam-corder. He used a tripod. We need to get a fluid head tripod for better panning ( I think that is the word).Next week I think I will talk about my tools including the printer. I am glad the sound is working better, now we need to work on lighting. This was a bit too dark. That is one reason I wanted to post a few still photos so you can get sense of the color that I work around.

Melissa and Emmitt said...

great vlog rebecca!
your studio and business are amazing.

i love your systems. thank you for sharing them.

have a great weekend!


Rebecca said...

Thanks Melissa! Hope you & Emmitt have some great fall weather this weekend. Get that Puggie-boy outside!

Manon Doyle said...

Wow Rebecca! You really are organized! I could use a little of that right now that Brutus has taken over my studio! Loved the vlog!

Rebecca said...

Hi Manon! Thanks for stopping by. Yep the class with Alyson Stanfield really helped me by putting a major month long focus on my clutter areas. Ok I gotta go see how your Brutus is coming along.

Alyson B. Stanfield said...

Rebecca, this is fun to see! I love the colored order forms and may put that to use somehow. And I really like those metal file holders on the wall. Thanks for sharing.

claudine hellmuth said...

I actually have a similar system for my custom artwork orders! Neat to see yours!

Rebecca said...

Claudine, thanks for stopping by. I have been admiring your work for some time now, and I follow you on twitter.

Alyson, the metal pockets were actually inexpensive "L" shaped bookends from Target. I bent them, drilled holes in the back-plate ( or stand part) and there you have it.

Allie said...

I'm so impressed with your organization. I'm also glad to see visuals of your work area....I was able to prove to my husband that I'm not the only one with "scottie paraphanalia all over the place" :) You gotta love those bearded god's of frolick!!

Rebecca said...

Ha, you should see the bathroom, and the Scottie display cabinet ... yep we got the Scottie crazies pretty bad around here.

ParisBreakfasts said...

Very inspiring to see Rebecca!
Love the colored order sheets and the "metal pockets"