Monday, August 25, 2008

The Pros & Cons to Selling Art On Etsy

Above are my most recent Etsy purchases.
I adore them both.

(Left) "Oliver, a Yeti Sasquatch" by Kraken Mosaics
( Right) " Summer Laundry" by Wild Plum Mosaics

I love Etsy! It is the best place on the web for buying handmade gifts and I often manage to buy gifts for ME. I have not been working Etsy very hard as a seller lately so I am really not the most experienced person to be offering advice. I do hope some of my fellow artist pals will take a moment to offer up their opinions on Etsy by leaving a comment here.

Very easy to use interface
Goodlooking web design.
This is a handmade community so your art will not be listed along side car tires, perfume and gucci handbags.
Great supportive community. Great place to network and support other artists.
Very low listing fees.
Young vibe, lots of talent.

Often feels like artists selling to other artists so prices tend to be on the lower side. This is great for buying, but you may find your bigger pieces and pricier work slow to move.
Ok that is it on Cons.

For Etsy tips and advice visit Timothy Adam's Blog.

A few shops worth a peek:

My Art Paw Shop
Timothy Adams Design
Abby Creek Studios
Dream Dogs Art
Weller Wishes
Erika Jones
Kraken Mosaics
Wild Plum Mosaics

I know I must have left a few of my pals out so if you don't see your name feel free to invite us to your shop by leaving a comment. If you do see your shop name please share the Etsy love and leave a comment with your own insights into Etsy.

Oh one more quick "PRO" on Etsy ... cool widget tools. The thumbnails below are from my favorites list:


Melissa and Emmitt said...

hi rebecca!
what a great post! it is exciting to be a part of such an amazing creative energy. etsy itself and the people who run it have the same wonderful vibe as the artists who put their hearts out there filling their stores. i am so honored to be mentioned in your post.
have a wonderful day!

Peggradyart said...

Another pro is the wonderfully supportive community of fellow artists you find on Etsy. It's a place to feel connected to others who share your passion.

web design said...

Never seen etsy before but like the stuff you got ill have to check it out

Rebecca said...

Thanks for stopping by guys.

Manon Doyle said...

Thanks for another wonderful post. I always learn so much when I come here! Love the portraits!

Kraken said...

Thanks for blogging Oliver! :)