Monday, September 21, 2009

Mosaic Monday / new Flickr Gallery

"Dog is Good" by Jill Beninato
© the artist

"Snake Dream" By Flair Robinson
© the artist

Today I am posting 2 recent finds on Flickr. Jill is a good cyber pal. Her recent doggy mosaic is just amazing. The snake piece by Flair has a wonderful folk art feel combined with a very sophisticated design sense. Both of these works can be found in a new gallery I have started over at Flickr. Please visit my Animal Mosaic Gallery.

About Flickr Galleries: This is a new feature at Flickr that allows you to group together 18 images within a theme from your fellow flickr members. You can comment on each photo and in a sense you have the opportunity to play "on-line curator" in little group shows that you put together. You can read more about Galleries with this FAQ.
When I first discovered one of my images in someone's gallery I was immediately a bit confused and thought, hmm how did they snag my image? That is of course the knee jerk reaction of any artist when their work shows up here and there by surprise. Then I relaxed and realized it was just a new site feature, and a pretty cool one. If a member does not want to see their images shared this way they can set their account preferences to not allow it. I happen to love extra exposure.


Jill Beninato said...

Thanks Rebecca for the shout out!

Rebecca Collins said...

you are welcome!

cbmosaics said...

I did not know of this feature on Flickr! I've been on there forever, too. Nice gallery of animal mosaics - some of my absolute favorite artists :-)

Rebecca Collins said...

Christine- I think the gallery feature thing over at flickr is pretty new. Thanks for dropping by!