Thursday, September 24, 2009

New Bulldog Art

I adore bulldogs. Over the years I have been lucky to create a lot of artwork for a wide variety of English Bulldogs. Once, a long time ago I was at a dog park and I got to play with a very young Bulldog puppy. It was only like 4 months old I think ... anyway from that moment on I have been hooked.

About the artwork:
This project moved along quickly. I fixed the glow eye and also rounded out her eyes just a tad, making them sag maybe 5% less and making them lift at the top by about 5%. I got pretty loose with this one adding a lot of jabby paint strokes and a lot of color to the coat. Ellie is sporting some green, aqua and purple along side her normal brown & white. As always I also provided a more tame option in case the playful highlighting is too much.


Sheila said...

aaaaaaaaaaaah..... I wanna get on the floor and give him a big hug! Awesome rendition!

Rebecca Collins said...

Thanks Sheila! I know ...I can not resist the Bulldogs. They just draw me in.

apartments in manila said...

I haven't seen a real bulldog but I like your artwork. It has a nice combination of colors especially the background.

Anonymous said...

well done