Wednesday, September 16, 2009

New Doggy Pet Portraits

Sally Bold (above)
Sally Tame (above)
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Today I proofed Sally. Those brown eyes are perfect and have plenty of sparkle present in the original photo. Many of our clients are drawn to my work because of my bold use of color and yet sometimes they can be shy about color when it comes to their own pets. For this reason I try to always offer at least one or two tame coat options in addition to a few with colorful highlighting.
Howie Bold (above)
Howie Tame (above)
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I also finished Howie the Boxer this morning and uploaded his proofs today. As you can see from the original photograph I decided to lift his head and rotate it ever so slightly. I think the expression changed from "why are you pointing that camera at me" to "hmmm am I going to get a treat maybe?" The wooden slatted background is a new option I am playing around with.

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Manon Doyle said...

It would be so hard to choose just one proof!
I really like what you did with Howie's head!!