Friday, April 03, 2009

Easter Bilby Sketch

"Easter Bilby"
Crayon, Ink, Pencil

Last night I started a new sketch journal. I found a cool image of the skeleton of a Bilby and started a collage and sketch from information I learned on-line about Australia's Bilby. Bilbies are desert-dwelling marsupial omnivores; they are members of the order Peramelemorphia and closely related to the bandicoots.Evidently the Bilby was endangered for awhile and a campaign began to replace the Easter Bunny in Australia with the Bilby. I tried to find a retail source on-line to purchase some chocolate Bilbies, however none of the sites I found gave me a lot of confidence due to shipping concerns. I guess I was hoping to find an American supplier, and it seems that the chocolate Bilby has not reached our consumer market yet. You can learn more about the Bilby over at Wikipedia.

Have a great weekend everyone. I plan to get back on my doggy butt project on Saturday so I can post some new works next week.


Lisa said...

Hi, Rebecca! I love your art, and especially your Bilbies. I've also been looking for Easter Bilbies without luck, as we are planning a Bilby Family Reunion this August and I thought they would make a great favor. Could we talk about the possibilitiy of using your Bilby drawing for our invitation? This has been a small group of family members who meet every year and keep the family history up-to-date, but we'd like to reach out to other Bilbys this year. Thank you, Rebecca! Lisa K.

Rebecca Collins said...

Hi Lisa- Thanks so much for the praise. Message me at and we can discuss your invitation ideas. I would be happy to create some card invitations for you that you can purchase on-line. How wonderful and fun that you found my sketch in your Bilby searching. Yes, there is not much out there on Bilbies. A tough search.