Saturday, April 11, 2009

My Tommy Is A Party Animal!

"I'm Making a Wish"

Today I am working on a charity donation project and having a blast working with photos of my own Scottie dogs. Jill Beninato is hosting another group art project that will benefit A Place To Bark. There will be an auction in the fall with proceeds helping out animal rescue. This weekend I plan to create a handful of Scottie Portraits within the theme of Party Animals.


Duncki said...

That is, quite simply, the look of love. "I only do this because I love you dearly."

He is adorable. I love the contrast between his absolute darkness and the bright primary colors in the hat!

Super print! Thanks for posting it for us all to enjoy.

Sheila said...

Eeee!!!! I love this. Your blog is like Chicken Soup for my soul!

Rebecca said...

Dunki- lol and Thanks. He is a very good model and very patient as long as his ball is the bait. He will stare right at the camera and wait for his reward.

Sheila- Thanks... you made my day.

Melissa and Emmitt said...

hi rebecca!

oh your piece is amazing! i love it when you use your scotties as subjects for your art!

happy easter!


Donna said...

I love your blog and work! Beautiful!!!!!! I am going to add you to my blogroll. Where do you live??? I'm in Virginia and I got your blog off of rockie creek scotties, who is my neighbor! I would love to visit your studio! Looks fun, bright and cheerful! What a gift you have! Donna

Rebecca said...

Hi Donna, thanks for the blog roll add, I will check that out today. We are in Dallas. The Scotties love company if you are ever in Texas drop in.