Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Behind the Scenes Art Paw in December

Well I am into the final stretch with holiday commissions.... yay! If you placed your order by my posted deadlines you have been proofed, and if you approved right away you have either shipped or you will ship by Friday. I am now working on just a few late December orders that I have allowed to squeak in. I am not accepting new orders for Christmas delivery. All new orders will go on to my January calendar.

A few shots from my crazy current work life ....

Above: Screen shot of my "November Done Folder" ... 344 assorted folders, docs and items that represent about 35 projects. It takes up 10.98 GB of space.

In addition to many digital files, I have dozens of paper to-do lists and hand scrawled phone messages each week... time to take out the trash.

There is always something on the plotter waiting to be stretched. Even though we always have work stacked up for stretching ... I must say that Lola is totally on top of things. We have both made very few mistakes this year.

Above: My project board ...see all the grey metal showing ...that is a good thing... it means that  I am clearing things out. Bottom right corner is a stack of pending projects .... orders that were never paid, or photos were never sent. I do not have time to chase down assorted dropped ball or un-finalized orders. Above that is a stack of checks that need to go to the bank .... I do not even have time to take care of banking right now.

And in my front room 3 terriers share a chair ...wishing I would get my work done so things can get back to normal.  They will love Christmas ... they always do.

Today I will be placing a holiday message on the phone and letting the machine catch my calls so I can focus  100% on the final projects that need proofing. I will return calls once a day each morning and evening, and I will do the same with e-mail.  OK, I will probably check e-mail more like 3 times a day ... that is the best way to reach me.... artpaw.com@gmail.com.  Thanks to all of my terrific clients this year ... you guys are the very best! I look forward to working on more of your animals in 2013.

Monday, December 03, 2012

Working on Your Pet Portraits!

Hey guys ... I am just a tiny bit behind on commissions, but do not freak out, I will be getting caught up this week, I can promise you that.

I proofed 34 clients in November and I still have just a handful of orders from that month to go!

So here is the low down on current proofing:

If you placed your order by 11/15, I will get you proofed by this coming Thursday 12/6.
 Most orders that are this old have already been proofed and shipped, but a couple of you guys have taken a bit longer and I am working on your orders right now.

If you placed your order after 11/15, but by my holiday deadline of 11/30 I will get you proofed by this coming Sunday 12/9.

If you are just now placing your orders and trying to squeak in after my posted holiday deadlines I will do my very best to get you proofed as soon as possible after all of the November orders are completed this week.  My goal is to continue proofing December clients until 12/17, at which time we will need to close out our shipping.

Please be patient and know that I am doing my best and working late nights and weekends to take care of you all of my 4 legged clients.