Tuesday, May 28, 2013

New Dog Art and Flexibility

"Herschel"  ( See All Proofs )

© rebecca collins / artpaw.com
Today I proofed sweet Herschel. I love his original photo. Our Big Tommy was a ball dog and he played with these orange and blue balls too, they really bounce. I have provided both full body proofs and also head and shoulder options on-line. My client will be hopefully checking the blog later today to find his proofing set. Right now I do not have a working e-mail for her, not just yet anyway. No worries, the blog is always a quick and easy way for me to communicate and share proofing links when lines get crossed or for some reason we do not have the complete contact info.

Flexibility in Business ...
Over the years I have worked very hard to set up an easy ordering process on-line at Art Paw and have created videos, and FAQ pages on the website to try and help potential new clients with my easy web ordering process. At the end of the day however I am constantly reminded of the need for flexibility on my part when taking orders. This week I have two clients that have sent old fashion printed pics for me to scan, and lately I have had many phone orders from clients that do not wish to go through the shopping cart. Often I wish the process was more seamless and automated, but then of course I would not get to speak with as many people by phone, and I would not get to form the client relationships that are so very important to me and to the success of my business. Yep ... I am half way into the year and I realize my focus needs to be flexibility.  I am very flexible, but I need to work harder there.