Friday, December 29, 2006

We are back

Well I am settling back into the work routine today. Allison came back and started working on our cafe press gift shops Wednesday and today we are all here at our desks plugging away, and trying to put some much needed order on the crazy chaos that was December. Diane is starting on our mailing list and I am so glad to have her back. She tells me that Santa was very good to her this year and she got her own Wacom tablet ( yay).

Check the website homepage for new additions. Allison is also working hard to get all of our holiday orders on-line so you guys can share your proof pages with your pals. We were fortunate to play with so many cool dogs and cats this last month, and our clients were scattered all over the country. Binky the kitty ( below) was from Alaska!

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Bolos' human is 100% joyed

Wow, what a month. I am totally exhausted and worn out today. I got a lovely e-mail just now from Bolo's human ( she just received her artwork). She had some nice praise and she stated that she is 100% joyed. I love that ... "100% joyed". I may have to write that on a post-it note and tack it to my monitor.

A lot of my clients should be receiving their portraits very soon. All of November's remaining approved work is shipping tomorrow. YAY! Happy Dance! I am taking the girls out to lunch tomorrow and we are going to celebrate being "almost done". I have a few local folks to take care of and a few folks that ordered past the deadline that we will try to get proofed by the 23rd. If all goes as planned I will be done by the 20th and I can start my own holiday shopping.


Saturday, December 09, 2006

Tick Tock Baby!

The clock is ticking and all of the Art Paw elves are working over-time. For everyone out there waiting on a proof ... just chill for a few more days ok. I am trying very hard to get everyone proofed by 12/13, that means we will have one solid week to ship. If you have not made your payment yet or sent your photo your project is sitting at the bottom of the pile so you may want to check in with us. Otherwise just hang tight.

Friday, December 08, 2006


Art Paw was featured this month in DFW DOG. They used some of our all time favorite artworks such as Nikki the Boston and GiGi the Pit bull. This is a great issue with a fun interview with the Dog Whisperer, so check it out. The two page spread on Art Paw talks about our history a little and my current painterly style of art. My entire staff is mentioned and I am very pleased about that. Thanks to Angela and the whole crew over at DFW Dog.
Check out the DFW DOG">on-line version here.

Friday, December 01, 2006

Ho Ho Ho

Ok it is official ... we are swamped with orders. We moved today from on-line web-proofing to e-mail proofs to speed up the process and move the artwork through quicker. Hopefully towards the end of the month Allison will have some time to get all our new holiday clients on-line so their pet-pals can see their proof pages.

I'm posting a fun Master Paw Print that we worked on today. This is Norman the kitty in a Renoir. Diane did a great job on this one. You can not really see all the great blending she did from this small web image that I am posting. I love how the little girl has the same color hair as the kitty.